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The demand for innovative and smart bags rises with every year that passes and as a result, more different bag models are created. To help with your search through the bag jungle we have added a guide below with a detailed list of the different materials and bag features that we use for our brand. Every new type of material or component that we add to our bags are always carefully tested for chemicals as well as the overall quality and strength. Zonefloorball aim to provide you with fashionable and reliant bags that you can use both for floorball as well as casually off court.


Polyester 600d/900d

Polyester is probably the most common bag fabric in the world and for zonefloorball this is no exception. Polyester is perfect for making both simple and advanced bags and with it’s strong composition and stylish look, you can combine it with almost any other fabric to create beautiful and eye-catching contrasts. For us, polyester is the obvious choice for bags and polyester 600d or the stronger 900d is almost always featured for our bag styles in one way or another.



In addition to the polyester we often use tarpaulin as a contrast material for our bags. The tarpaulin has as smooth water resistance surface which makes it perfect to use for the parts of the bags that need extra protection. At the same time, the combination between the shiny tarpaulin and the more matte polyester creates a very nice look, especially when used in the same color tone.



When glancing ahead toward the 2020/2021 season we decided that it was time to add something entirely different and new to the floorball market. With this in mind we developed the seethrough series made only with peva which is a soft transparent material that enables the zonefloorball customer to display her/his floorball gear in a new and fashionable way. The peva material is carefully tested and confirmed without any harmful chemical subjects.


Adjustable logo bands

In recent years we have added the adjustable logo bands as a feature for our bags. The logo bands are designed as an eye-catching and beautiful feature for the bags and we always try to match the logo band colors with the rest of the color details of the bags. The logo bands are and will continue to be an important part of the zonefloorball bags.