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To ensure that every player find the blade material that they need, we have developed three different materials with different properties. You can read about our three different blade materials below. These three material options are also clearly displayed on our new blade tag so that our customers easily can find what they need. If the blade tag is lost, you can always find some information about the blade on the small clock that each blade have. Here you can also find the production date for the blade that you have purchased.



Pe hd is the most common blade material in the business and it is displayed as the most firm alternative in our range. It’s tolerance and advantages in shot optimization make it a very good option for some players. Our elite blades in pe material has a weight of around 76-79 grams and is used for our hyper edition shafts of this season.



This is our most frequently used blade material, used for almost 90% of the blades on our inline assortment of sticks. It is a lightweight, soft feel and ball absorbing material which provides a perfect ball control and stick handling. It is our lightest blade material with around 6-7% reduced weight compared to pe hd and it is fully functional on all different floor surfaces.



pp-h or “air hard” is our newest innovation from the blade material development. The blade material is developed from the pp blades, resulting in a new material with different properties and advantages. We have added stability with around 20% more stiffness compared to normal pp, without loosing the soft feel that is so highly appreciated with the pp blade and the properties of the blade makes it slide better on rubber floor surfaces.



To simplify for both stores and end customers we have created different colors on our blade tags in three different colors. White for pp, black for pe hd and grey for our pp-h or air hard blades. Ean-codes and the blade preferences are added on all tags.