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Eyewear innovations

As a result of newly applied restrictions for the floorball sport, the market demand for protective eyewear increase year by year. Below you can read about our different innovations in eyewear technology, all applied on our existing models matrix and protector.


Unbreakable glass

Zonefloorball’s eyewear models are all designed and manufactured with unbreakable lenses. These are carefully tested on a regular basis to make sure that the wearer is protected and safe behind the glass without the risk of being hurt.


Anti fog function

In addition to the unbreakable glass, all of zonefloorball’s eyewear lenses are designed and produced with an anti-fog surface treatment to ensure the best possible eye-sight for the player in action. One of our models is furthermore designed with three air holes on the upper side which help facilitate the anti-fog function of the lens.


Adjustable nose pad

All of our eyewear models comes with an adjustable rubber nose pad, designed to increase the comfort and to enable the user to modify the eyewear fit based on her or his nose size and shape. The nose pad is attached with two small screws and could easily be replaced if needed. We recommend that you don’t alter the screws if you’re not planning on replacing the nose pad.


Rubber head panel

For all of our protector models, you’ll find a rubber panel insert in the forehead designed for a comfort fit and for protection against a potential recoil when the eyewear is hit by a ball or stick.


Iff certified

All of the zonefloorball protective eyewear are certified and recommended by iff. The iff recommendation is an important and mandatory part of our brand since it shows that all of our protective eyewear have been tested, reviewed and certified in accordance with the guidelines within iff and international rules for protective equipment.


Protective case

Each pair of eyewear comes with a robust protective case for safe keeping. To increase the life-span of your zone eyewear, we recommend that you always store them in the case when not in use.