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Goalie development

Goalies make up about 5% of a team but at the same time they are often the most important 5%. Below you can read about our different goalie attire that we have developed and added to our inline goalie collection with the main objective to provide the goalies with top-class protective innovations.


The mask

Our masks are made out of 100% abs plastic, making them extremely durable and resistant to impacts and hits to the head. In addition, the inner foam is designed to enhance the impact resistant properties of the mask and at the same time, provides a very comfortable fit for the user. All masks are mounted with either one of our two different designed strong, lightweight and certified cages. The basic level square cage or the more advance cat-eye cage which both could be interchanged at any time. All of our masks are iff certified and can be found in both basic level (patriot) and more advanced goalie equipment (monster). We are also excited to add a new innovative high-end mask (pro) for later this year.


The jersey

Made from a variety of materials with strong polyester as a base, our different jerseys are designed to be durable, light weight and comfortable. They are developed and created alongside the rest of our protective goalie equipment to give you a cohesive collection for both beginners (patriot), more advanced goalies (monster) and the absolute best (pro).


The pants

The goalie pants are maybe the hardest and most advanced item to create within the goalie equipment segment. In our two different goalie pant models we have tried our best to summarize and chanalize the ideas and feedback from various goalies in floorball. It’s all about the fit, the crotch length, the various choices of strong and durable materials, buckles and zippers as well as the foam and the cut. We have tried to differentietate our cuts with the objective of creating one basic layup (legend), one more advanced (monster) and our absolute best series (pro).


The protectives

You are not a goalie focused company if you can’t offer the full range of protective equipment. We have listened closely to the market and the goalies of the game to make sure that we can handle all the needs in the protective goalie equipment area. We have something for every type of goalkeeper, such as kneepads, shinguards, gloves and spare parts.