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Stick design variations

Our design studio is packed with materials, surface patterns, design ideas, holographic combinations and color schemes. Belowe we list and describe some of our current most important design features for our sticks.


Laser foil

A very important design feature for our brand considering that we have developed and used hundreds of different foil versions in recent collections and stick drops. By using foil, we are able to create stunning visuall and eye-catching effects in different lights and settings. A way of differentiating our sticks from the others on the market. An andvance setup for sure, but extremely good looking in reality.


Holographic effect

A design path which we started to develop in 2019 with a strong ambition to create and release unique eye-cathing floorball sticks never seen before. It was tested for limited edition drops first in 2019 but in 2020 we took it to a brand-new light and a totally different level.


Matt & shiny

Most of our sticks are designed with either matte or shiny coatings. Some prefer matte, others prefer shiny. For us the focus lies mainly on how decals, foils and colors work together in different lights and contexts and how they are being perceived. In recent time we have also found that the two different types of surfaces, matte and shiny, are perfectly fine to combine. With the first prolight drop in 2019 we did just that when we displayed our first ever shaft with the beatiful mixture of matte and shiny details in perfect balance. This shaft was a showcase on hand made stick design where the decals were carefully added by hand. Costful and time demanding for sure, but with beautiful result.


Naked carbon

A brand-new carbon surface for 2020 with a special brushed carbon look and with very little added decals to preserve the rough and natural look. A very lightweight stick design where the layers of carbon are clearly displayed in a matte look to the customer.



A color feature used in grand scale for our latest collections. In these collections we have created stunning effects with the combination of different types of chrome. Our airlight sticks have been groundbreaking when it comes to the use of chrome for sticks and we will continue to work with this method to create beatiful and colorful combinations in the future. The shafts are dipped in the chosen chrome color in one motion by hand to create the glittery effect and in the next stage water decals are then applied to make the detailed design.